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Duvet Cover or Comforter

Article Posted on April 5, 2013...

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Comforter Set or Duvet Cover Set?
One of our most common questions is: ‘What is the difference between a comforter (with removable cover) and a duvet cover set? ‘
The answer is: ‘They are actually the same cover and the only difference in the set is that the insert is included in the comforter set.’
So, what does that mean? The comforter set would be shipped to you with a duvet cover and an insert (white fluffy filler blanket) that you use together. Once you open your duvet cover will find an end with a zipper or button closure. Next, open the insert from its packaging and place it inside the cover, and ensuring that it is flat and reaches all four corners. Finish the comforter assembly by closing the zipper or buttons and smoothing the fabric on the cover (top and bottom) to remove the folds from the package.
If you already have a duvet and are just looking to replace the cover, you are able to do so by purchasing the duvet cover only. The duvet cover will allow the design of the fabric to be the focus of the bedding, as there is not stitching through the pattern as there would be with a one piece comforter. The advantage to a duvet cover or comforter with removable cover is that it is easier to wash or dry clean as recommended. By changing the duvet cover you can change the look of your bedding easily and quickly as you wish or depending on the season.
Your third option is a comforter that is one piece and has a non removable cover. This is a great option for those who wish to have the stitching across the face of the bedding. The stitching helps to ensure that the fill inside the comforter does not move and the look is uniform over the bed. A comforter with the non removable cover that is stitched or quilted would have to be cleaned together which is a bit more difficult due to size and weight when wet.
The best way to choose the bedding of your dreams is to find a look that you adore and that will lead you to the correct answer for you! If you require assistance in selecting the best items for your home, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help answer any questions you may have.

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