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Luxury Bedsheets

Article Posted on April 17, 2013...

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Luxury Bedsheets

There is not a better feeling than climbing into bed to fresh, clean sheets. The smell and feel is a perfect ending to any day. Donít you wish that it would last longer than just a couple of days? I know I do! A good day depends on not only how much sleep you get, but how good your sleep was! When it comes to our sleeping habits, it is good to keep in mind that it does affect our health. It is worth it to do your research and find a set of sheets that will help you get a good nights rest, every night.

When purchasing new sheets, there are many choices to make. Thread count is a major advantage to the type of sheets you choose. Thread count is the number of yarns or threads per inch in either the length-wise or crosswise direction found in woven fabrics. The higher the thread count, the softer and more durable the material and as a result it would be smoother and silkier to touch and to lie on. Thread count in bed sheets vary from as low as 180 to a high of more than 1000. While a higher thread count certainly ensures smoothness and comfort while also making it long lasting and durable. Sheets with a thread count from 200 are good for daily use, are affordable and easy to maintain. However for good comfort and long lasting durability go for a thread count of minimum 240. A thread count is influenced by many factors, including the following:

1. Ply: Refers to the number of yarns that go to make up a thread. A higher ply count stands for strength and durability.

2. Yarn size: Indicates yarn weight by the total bundle of filaments making up the yarn. It defines the weave of the yarn Ė which is either fine or coarse.

The weight as also the number of plies i.e. strands of thread that are twisted together to form the weave is indicated by the ratio (Weight) (Number of ply). The higher the weight, the finer is the thread. Certain manufacturers use two thinner threads together and create a 2-ply thread. Using a sheet with a lower thread count could result in a stiffer feel when lying on it. Bed sheets within the range of 240 to 420 thread counts are generally considered to be comfortable.


1. Cotton: Bed sheets made of cotton, by virtue of it being a natural fiber is soft and non-allergic. There are some variants of cotton available for bed sheets:

1. Egyptian cotton: It is a fine, lustrous, long staple cotton from Egypt and is brownish in color. Considered the finest quality of cotton, it is exceptionally soft, luxurious fabric and due to this, it is also the most expensive.

2. Supima cotton: Supima is an extra long staple cotton fiber. It is soft, durable, of superior-grade durable cotton which is produced in the south western, desert region of the United States. Its quality is said to be closest to the Egyptian cotton.

3. Pima cotton: Pima similar to Supima refers to cotton developed from selected Egyptian cottons in the southwest United States. Similar to Supima cottons, these are comprised of long and staple fibers.

4. Satin bed sheets: Satin, as they are referred to is made from woven polyester and is a smooth, shiny, and silky-to-touch fabric. Sateen is another variant that would come across, it is nothing but a mix of cotton and satin. They are easy to maintain, and could be washed in a washer or dryer.

5. Silk bed sheets: Silk, as we know is the fiber produced from the larvae that forms cocoons of silkworms. It is strong, elastic and gentle at the same time. Being a natural material, it is free of chemicals. Similar to cotton it is also hypoallergenic.

6. Flannel sheets: Flannel clothing is warm and light-weight. It is made from a combination of wool and cotton or some synthetic fabric. This hybrid material offers a blend of comfort as well as easy usage. It's easy to maintain.


The size of your bed sheet should of course be slightly larger than your bed mattress since you have to ensure that it sort of hugs the bed completely. Before you buy a bed sheet check for the size of the mattress you have.

There are many terms associated with size that you would come across. Such as Full (also called Double) size, King size, Queen size and Twin size. It is important to note that despite having defined terms across manufacturers you would find minor variations in the sizes that they offer. So before you make the choice of a bed sheet check the actual measurements and then take your pick.

Flat or Fitted:

There two types of bed sheets flat and fitted. A fitted bed sheet is so called because it is fitted with elastic at the sides. This is so that it can be draped over the mattress. This ensures that edges of the sheet are fixed and do not come out and tie you in knots.


Deep pockets exist at the corners to help your bed sheet to fit mattresses that come with a pillow top. It is to prevent your sheet from being swept off the mattress in the middle of the night, so that you enjoy undisturbed sleep.

Color & design:

After having calibrated the technical stuff now its time to focus on the softer aspects. So what colors and designs should one opt for. Select the color that best suitsinfluences your mood and also suits the existing color scheme of your bedroom. Select from a wide variety of colors white, ivory, sky, and cashmere, black, burgundy... in fact you get bed sheets in every color under the sun!

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