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What Is Thread Count For Bedsheets?

Article Posted on June 21, 2013...

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Thread Count
What does thread count really mean? Is there a difference in the feel or quality of bedding items made from 180 thread count and 1000 thread count? Unfortunately, the answer is not definite and can depend on the item, the fabric content, the treatment of the fibers and the finish of the fabric.
Thread count is the number of threads contained in one square inch of fabric. This includes the vertical and horizontal threads as well as the ply and thickness of the threads that are used. Ply is the number of threads that are wrapped into a single thread. A single ply is a thread on its own, and two ply is a twisting of two threads together. Two ply results in a stronger fabric with twice the thread count.
By using a finer thread a manufacturer can have more threads per square inch, and can produce a smoother and softer fabric. Another way to change the feel of the fabric is to process it through a treatment such as mercerizing. Choose the fabric that you enjoy, with the content you are most comfortable with and you will find that thread count is only one of the factors that you will consider!

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